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Delicacy Definition

Noun: delicacy  de-li-ku-see

  1. The quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance
    "the delicacy of her touch";
    - daintiness, fineness
  2. Something considered choice to eat
    - dainty, goody, kickshaw [archaic], treat
  3. Refined taste; tact
    - discretion
  4. Smallness of stature
    - slightness
  5. Lack of physical strength
    - fragility
  6. Subtly skilful handling of a situation
    - diplomacy, discreetness, finesse
  7. Lightness in movement or manner
    - airiness

Anagrams created from the word delicacy

ilcceady ielaycdc ydccaile leiadccy ccyidlae