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Dissipated Definition

Adjective: dissipated  'di-su,pey-tid

  1. Unrestrained by convention or morality
    "deplorably dissipated and degraded";
    - debauched, degenerate, degraded, dissolute, libertine, profligate, riotous, fast
  2. Preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance
    "led a dissipated life";
    - betting, card-playing, sporting
Verb: dissipate  'di-su,peyt
  1. Cause to separate and go in different directions
    "She waved her hand and dissipated the crowds";
    - disperse, dispel, break up, scatter
  2. Move away from each other
    "The crowds dissipated";
    - disperse, scatter, spread out
  3. Spend frivolously and unwisely
    - fritter, frivol away, shoot, fritter away, fool, fool away
  4. Live a life of pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption