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Prize Definition

Noun: prize  prIz

  1. Something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery
    "the prize was a free trip to Europe";
    - award
  2. Goods or money obtained illegally
    "It will avail them to dispose of their prize";
    - loot, booty, pillage, plunder, swag, dirty money
  3. Something given as a token of victory
    - trophy
Verb: prize  prIz
  1. Hold dear
    "I prize these old photographs";
    - value, treasure, appreciate
  2. Regard highly; think much of
    "We prize his creativity";
    - respect, esteem, value
  3. Make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry
    "They prized the information out of him";
    - pry, prise [Brit, Cdn]
  4. [N. Amer] To move or force, especially in an effort to get something open
    "Raccoons managed to prize the lid off the garbage pail";
    - pry, prise [Brit, Cdn], lever, jimmy [N. Amer], jemmy [Brit]
Adjective: prize  prIz
  1. Of superior grade
    "prize carnations";
    - choice, prime, quality, select

Anagrams created from the word prize

perzi rzpie pirez zpire pirze